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Prius Bargain Shoppers

Surprising results, to say the least. According to Edmunds.com, shoppers are more interested in the Prius than ever after all the news regarding the problems with the braking software.
"Are Problems a Selling Tool? Prius Purchase Intent Rises With Brake Woe News" Green Car Advisor
"When a car or automaker receives bad press, people sense an opportunity" to get a better price through distress sales or incentives, he said. "We saw the same reaction from consumers when Chrysler and General Motors declared bankruptcy."
Is this really a good thing?

I'm not sure you'll be able to find a bargain on the Prius right now, anyways. Despite the problems you've been hearing about, the Prius you find on the lot already has the fix in place.

Also, there is a waiting list as a lot of the inventory is being redirected to Japan, where the demand is still very, very high. The waiting list in Japan is months, possibly a year, in advance at this point. So, what we're getting in the US is set to a point where they can keep demand high enough to keep the waiting lists, but low enough they can sell more in Japan.

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