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Honda Working on Large Hybrids, Possible Minivan

Honda is working on a new hybrid system for larger cars, with a version available in around three years. That according to Tomohiko Kawanabe, chief operating officer of automobile R&D.

This is quite the follow-up to the push from CEO Takonobu for hybrid development.

The single electric motor used in the Honda Insight and Civic is too 'mild' for a larger car. And would likely be used in a hybrid engine for the Odyssey minivan or Pilot SUV. Minivans, in particular, are an untapped market for hybrids so far. That makes Honda's announcement exciting on its own.

Honda had previously been working on a diesel for larger vehicles, hybrid for smaller vehicles development plan, but seems to be reversing that. Now, they are looking at developing small diesels for Europe and larger hybrids for the US.

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