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Mercedes-Benz S-Class Plug-In Hybrid Model in the Planning Stages

Mercedes-Benz will be offering an S-class plug-in hybrid model sometime in the near future according to Autocar (UK). After the initial launch using the S-class, Mercedes-Benz will offer it across the rest of their models.

Source: Autocar.co.uk
“It makes a lot of sense to bundle the high-price tech option to the sort of customers willing to pay for this sort of thing,” said Mercedes R&D boss Thomas Weber.
A plug-in version of the S-class is anticipated to get over 80 mpg and less than 100g/km of CO2.

It seems that a lot of car companies will be following GM (Chevy Volt) and Toyota (Plug-in Prius) into the plug-in world. By offering customers the 'green' electric with the range of comfort of gas engines, the plug-in hybrid may be the next best thing to come along.

And it will help car companies meet the newer stricter guidelines being set across Europe and the US in fuel economy across the entire line-up of cars.

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