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GM Confirms Cadillac Volt on the Way for 2013

Bob Lutz, GM Vice Chairman, has re-confirmed the Cadillac Converj (or something like it) would go into production for 2013. The Converj will be built using the Volt Extended-Range Electric Vehicle (E-REV) base.

But the Cadillac variant will be built for those "Who don't mind paying a large price for a luxury vehicle."

Lutz was speaking at a SAM event in Detroit. Back in November, the GM board approved the Cadillac variant.

Building a luxury Volt will certainly help everyone. By expanding the base of cars being sold, more will be made. That will bring costs down, allowing GM to make a profit off of a car that is supposed to cost $40,000. That means, if the Volt is a big hit, GM will eventually be able to build more every year.

Lutz re-iterated the price tag estimate and the production (40-50,000) per year to start. But also pointed out "First Generation vehicles are hard to make profitable."

But one word of caution. At $40,000, I'm betting buyers are going to be expecting at least some luxury.

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