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Prius Tops in Japan Again

The Toyota Prius outsold the competition in Japan once again. Toyota sold 26,817 units last month, according to the Japan Automobile Dealers Association. Total passenger car sales for the month were 268,450 units (Via GCC who has a great graph of Prius sales before and after the incentives kicked in). Which means almost 10% of all passenger cars sold in Japan in November came with a Prius nameplate.
The Honda Insight came in fifth, overall, at 9,413 units sold. Together, that means the Insight and Prius accounted for 13.5% of new vehicle sales in November.

With the new Toyota SAI coming out, hybrids sales should continue to rise. Toyota already has 14,000 pre-orders for the SAI since its unveiling in October.

Incentives and subsidies from the government have been putting hybrids front and center in Japan. With the backlog in orders, the Toyota Prius should continue to dominate new car sales in Japan for another half a year at least.

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